Feminine And Masculine Bedrooms Decoration Ideas

Bedroom decor is a reflection of the style and the personality of their owners. Men and women have differences in decorating their bedroom. Women tend to decorate the bedroom looks feminine, while men tend to choose masculine. Here we will give you some feminine and masculine bedrooms decoration ideas.

Feminine bedroom decor put more furniture and knick knacks there. Feminine bedroom is always filled with ornaments, flowers, and color. Feminine bedroom decor using bright colors and bright like beige or white. There is also a dressing table and shoe storage. For feminine bedroom decor certainly looks elegant masculine bedroom.

While women take the bright colors of pink, white, and purple, men prefer brown, black, and gray. They put a little more room furnishings and more widely liked. There are only a few furniture such as: tables, sofas, and a bed. Bed arrangement is also very simple with plain bedding fit without motive.

Typically masculine bedroom decor has large windows and high. The blind selections are also adapted to the color of the walls, floors, and bedding. Masculine bedroom is really far from being full. They are very simple but look more luxurious with the styles. There are almost no pictures or flowers are placed on the table.